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My Story

I have been an antique textile collector for many years, and have traveled mostly to Europe and New England where the finest and earliest examples were to be found. I grew up in the business 30 miles from Brimfield market, and was my home for many seasons. I was also one of the first exhibitors in the famous Sturbridge Textile show, which runs at the same time. I am getting on in age now and thought it was a good time to let these pieces go to new collectors, and so here you go. I was especially interested in Arts & Crafts, fine laces and the world of woven fabrics, but I have a bit of everything.

It is getting harder to find these textiles nowadays, so my collections from the past 30 years are such a pleasure to behold. I just love going through these and re discovering them. So have fun and enjoy these examples from the past.

I am always happy to answer questions and give opinions on what you may have, or need, so let's connect. I am not handy at the photos or this computer work. I am very old school, so any questions about condition are welcome. So please join my mailing list below if you love textiles as much as I do.

And most importantly I will be adding new items often so check back often. I am also very dealer friendly, so don't be afraid to ask.

Paul Freeman